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Our Products

We present the main families of products:

We build all kind of steel structures for construction, restoration, cavity walls and to level forges.

Ask us about the different solutions for the installation of the photovoltaic modules on the floor or, our specialty: on the roof.

Save costs with our solar thermal energy kits specially selected for each project, according to the BTC regulation.

The Company

Cumeva, an engineering company, very experienced since its beginnings, back in 1989 and after more than 3.000.000 million squared meters of build light galvanized steel structures for roofing, solar energy industry and solar thermal energy industry, offers highly versatile and optimized solutions of structures in light galvanized steel without soldered joints.Our structures are ETA approved that makes Cumeva Structural System the only light galvanized iron structure system approved in the market.


Our Clients

The most important construction companies are found among our clients. Please visit our photo gallery te see some of our work or visit the Client section.


If you need more information, our advise, or a budget of your project, fell free to send us an e-mail using the form below or call us to the phone number +34 91 636 30 71.


In most of the developed countries, the use of galvanized steel structures for the housing sector, especially for roofing, has increased strongly.

Galvanized steel is one of the most used materials for the construction industry leaving behind some other materials such as wood in roofing. The characteristics of this material make it most idoneus for any structure for some reasons:


  • It reduces the self weight transmission loads
  • It reduces the execution timing
  • Does not need maintenance
  • For the reasons above, it reduces costs

The present technique to carry out this type of structures limited its use on housing due to union system of the cross sections with soldered joints. The use of this type of joints destroyed partially the galvanized layer of the cross sections what diminished the advantages of the use galvanized steel.

CUMEVA has more than 15 years experience and introduces, for the first time in the sector, a 100% galvanized light steel structure without the use of soldered joints.

Cumeva Structural System is now the only structural system 100% galvanized approved with the ETA (European Technical Approval, in Spanish DIT) DIT number 438R by the Eduardo Torroja Science & Construction Institute, under the authority of the Superior Board of Scientific Research.

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ETA (Dit) Approval