Cumeva Solar Thermal Energy

Cumeva offers the full design and building of the compulsory solar thermal systems to help in the cost reduction of Sanitary Hot Water (SHW), heating or others, combining with the standard heating systems and appropriate for solar
support such as under-floor heating or low temperature radiators. We also offer, for heating, geothermic systems or biomass boiler.

In the case of SHW, we make the design and we build the compulsory solar thermal systems for new buildings or after major restorations specified in the Building Technical Code. These projects are carried out with best professionals and brands to meet the regulation requirements in terms of energetic coverage and the other requirements established at the best price. We are able to offer an efficient system in terms of fuel/energy shaving.

Our large experience in both roof structures and solar energy industry will help you even in those special cases in which the architectural integration required were highly complex or singular.

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