Habitable Structure

Idoneus structure solution if you want to make useful the zone under the roof. We use cross sections type I, ST and 2C to provide a wide span and to create a 70% or 80% of useful area for living.

Cumeva Structure System Cross Sections are so versatile and solid that they can be used to create different forms on the roof in order to form different slopes for pitched roofs, attics, etc.

They also adapt to any internal (pladur, thermochip…) or external covering (slate, tile, corrugated iron…).

If you want to know more, you can look up the constructive details section or the different cross section types that we produce with their respective mechanical characteristics.

Detalle cubierta

Detailed Roof Example:

  1. Slate or tile
  2. Wood or corrugated iron
  3. Ridge
  4. Roof truss
  5. Hat sections
  6. Cross-brace
  7. Attic