Solar Energy Industry

Nowadays, the technical team of Renewable Energies is specialized mainly in the solar energy industry. We have developed multiple structure types for photovoltaic farms and photovoltaic installations in roofs. The range covers from the light section structures, to heavy section structures, concrete foundation, pile drilled bases for structures, solar trackers, etc.

Our department designs the structures by applying the loads of the current regulations of the Building Technical Code (CTE) and the Eurocode with the help of specific structure dimensioning software and to calculate the concrete foundations for these structures and taking advantage of our previous knowledge to improve the structures in each project.We study and analyze the optimal geometry in every project in order to make the best use of the sections depending on the site location, the type of the photovoltaic module, the inclination required, etc. Also we design compatible types of binding (middle and end bindings) to be able to fix any module to
the structure.

Our bindings are designed for every type of photovoltaic module, both with or without aluminium frame. In the last case, we place a EPDM rubber band between the module and the binding to distribute de pressure to avoid glass
breaking. The photovoltaic module is fastened by 4 binding points, as most manufacturers recommend, to get a better distribution of the pressure and a proper fastening.

Our team of engineers and architects is constantly developing new solutions to offer better products to this ever-changing new solar energy market at the best possible price. We are focussed on innovations and always receptive to new challenges.

Catálogo Energia Fotovoltaica

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