Structures for photovoltaic farms

Vista estructura huerto solarOur technical team uses the constructive light structure system to design, calculate and build photovoltaic structures that support photovoltaic modules in country fields. This system to the client’s request allows multiple shapes depending on the surface, available area, orientation and distribution of the photovoltaic generator. The structure is adapted to the land surface and to the type of photovoltaic cristal silicon module, including specific solutions for thin film silicon and no frame modules.

Cumeva has already build photovoltaic farms in Catalonia, Extremadura, Castilla La Mancha and Murcia Regions and Canary Islands for generator sizes from 400 kw to 3 MW, adapting to the timing and needs of the client’s project. In every case custom-made structures had been built to optimize material and the timing with the rest of the site works, always under the demanding calculus conditions of the applicable regulations in terms of structural resistance and atmospheric conditions.

The use of Cumeva Structural System adapting it to photovoltaic generators allows an important cost-saving by the geometric simplicity which reduces material in the structure, in comparison to other constructive systems that
use much more iron to obtain the same area.

Geometrically very versatile, this system is appropriate for continuous or discontinuous concrete foundations, both longitudinal and transverse, on surface or deep, with or without concrete.

Cumeva has also built two-axe solar trackers mixing the Cumeva Structural System with the use of sensors, engines, motors and specific robots for the solar energy industry.