Photovoltaic Structure on roof (built-in)

Estructura fotovoltaicas sobre cubiertaAnother use of the Cumeva Structural System, due to its 20 year experience in the roofing building, is the system to build photovoltaic modules integrated in existing or new buildings. Thanks to our xperience in roof structures, we carry out the integration of the photovoltaic modules on the roof using the proper techniques that minimizes the loads on the existing structure of a building to optimize, at the same time, the module orientation to the energetic design.

Cumeva has built these built-in photovoltaic structures on roofs in different sizes and over different types of covers and shapes of the roof. We can differentiate the structures between the ones in which the module lays parallel to the roof and the ones that require a change on the plane in order to achieve a correct inclination, different from supporting architectonic plane.

These solutions on the roof can only be built by expert structure assemblers, since is compulsory to avoid roof deformations and loos of watertight. In this case, a mixed work takes place in both our premises and the working site
roof, obtaining excellent timing for both serial and personalized structures.

With the low weight of the Cumeva Structural System and an accurate, personalized calculus of the structure we built excellent Wp and structure price ratio, even in small projects.