Full Photovoltaic Systems

Sistemas fotovoltaicos completosWe offer all engineering services related to the solar energy industry: design, calculus, concrete foundations, etc, described on the section Structures for Photovoltaic Farms and Built-in Roof Photovoltaic Structures and more.

At client’s request, we can carry out the Technical Project, a Study of Energy Sale Incomes and realistic simulations of the Photovoltaic Installation. Most of these projects are photovoltaic system net connected, but we also built isolated photovoltaic installations.

Cumeva is able to assist in the design and dimensioning of the modules arrangement, the connection of these to the inverter, protections and wiring, energetic optimization or the making of the Technical Project, full or separately. We can carry out the whole project or coordinate in the working site with other contractors in different parts of the project selected by the client.