Cavity Wall

Creating a cavity wall in basements and garages is a definitive solution to improve conditions in those areas, avoiding damp and aesthetically correcting any misalignment of the piles screens that were diverted from the vertical, obtaning a perfectly aligned, plub and free of moisture surface finish.

Humidity chamber

Light steel structures can create quickly and effectively this moisture barrier according to the Technical Building Code in HS DB Health document.

Cavity walls made with the Cumeva structural system achieve a full adaptation to any shape. They are made directly on the working site which provides a perfect finish.

The system consists of shapes of structural sections as required by the project calculus. Metal sheet are fixed to the structures, with a choice of different finishes and colors. The versatility of our structures perform a perfect finish, leveling all irregularities or simplifying the forms of concrete walls. Ventilation grilles allow the evaporation of moisture, which provide suitable conditions for the use of these spaces.